The last Monday, was a little nice day for me. Because after the day before i can’t connect to the web almost all day. Just at the morning, on traditional market around me by my phone, and it just for opening my facebook account. I’m fell a little happy when reopen it again at the day, cause there were some greets from my friends about my birthday. And it was the greatest birthday ever in my life.

I usually never do anything at the day, and no one know or remember what the mean of the date for me, even myself sometimes 😀 But the last Monday, it was great. More over after opening my email I got a new message from, telling me that I was one of 319 winner from their blog contest.

And even I still just can dream – yes no more –  to get the first present [an Acer Aspire 😛 ] I still happy.  Getting a 4 GB USB flash disk, with no hard effort. I just hoping it will be my booster to do more, to teach myself  that we can get revenue from our blog. It was my first stuff I gain from the web, from this lovely blog especially.

Thanks alnect, giving me a present at my birthday, and all my friend for giving atention for me. Hope you all will get the same as what you hope to me.

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