First of all as a moslem, I would like to say Alhamdulillah because of his blessing I’m still getting so many things to proud for. So many things I can enjoy and use for my life. Next, don’t forget to say bismillah before start doing everything, so that god well bless you at all and mark it as a good act in your life.

Next, what day is it? Yeah, today is July, 7 2009 that I make them more completely easy to remember as 789 as this blog first activity. It was a very good number I think, starting by 7, my favorite number and than get bigger until 9, the top number at al the earth number, no more bigger. I hope by choosing this day and that number this blog will also getting higher and higher time by the time.

Not only higher number of it’s post, but also reader, usability and some funds that I want to gain from this blog. I wanna use this blog as my main effort to learn about SEO and getting some income if possible.

I see that world of Internet marketing is a great challenge to be explored. And I don’t want to be so late to join it.

Yups, itulah posting pertama di blog baru saya. Saya harap ada banyak makna yang akan saya peroleh dari sana. Dan akan menjadi salah satu warna dalam kehidupan saya yang akan mendatang.

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