At the beginning of my blogging activity, wordpress was actually just give a 50 MB disk space to store all of my files. I was starting to make a post in this blog since almost two years ago, or the exact date is 7 July. It was a very interesting day for me, I was feeling something different in my spirit when I starting blogging compared with when I wasn’t yet. But yeah, like what I told you, to store all of my images, sounds, documents and also video even, wordpress just give me 50 MB space.

It was a little bit make me worry if there’s no enough room to store ’em. So I decided to host my files at the others places. I looking for some alternative, and finally I choose googlepages which offer me a 100 MB free space for every account. I can make account as many as I want under one google account. So that it make make me create some different account to store some files with different places to use them too.

But since the end of the last month, google announce google page creator [googlepage] user that that service is no longer available for the next time. It will be changed into google site [], user who stored their files on google page asked to backup their files. It was the trouble, I should backup all of them, even at one of my accounts I stored more than 30 files. I’ve tried to backup one which just having a couple files, and it was a little annoying, I should do that one by one each file.

Out of my prediction, I got helps when I use Internet Explorer to make me easier downloading them from some different accounts. And at the first right-click I found an option that looks great, download all using Flash Get. Yeah it rocks, obviously IE was not fully useless.

The next step is modifying all of my post which having images from my google page account. This was more annoying, I should check all of my archive from April 2007 until today. To make it faster, I changed my reading setting into 20 post each page, so that I can see my whole posts in a month using one page, because the most active month is just has 18 post. This feels like restarting blogging  from the first time.

It’s all almost done I guess, just leave my post about Photoshop Time line which can’t show the images because it was stored at another web [], and they prevent this blog for showing ’em. But it’s OK, I found the replacement images, edit them and editing that post is the thing I just really need to do now. Some others also having the same trouble, but nothing I can do to find images I need. And that post was a useful post ever here.

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