My latest post that written in Indonesian was about a new style of color that I use, that previously I always using green as my color is turned into red. And yes, my blog header and also my computer wallpaper use the images what that color at that time. But, after some day, I don’t think that I like it so much. Green always the best, green is cool, green is peace. Not like red that sometimes means as hot, blood and war and some other bad conditions.

So, I just change it into green. Yeah, for my desktop wallpaper that I see almost every time when I sit in front of my monitor. But for this blog I just let it keep red. It was different than the desktop wallpaper I think, not so good tho change it daily 😛 So here is it :

WallGreeny, cool green wallpaper

Yeah, just make it green, and I’ve done.

WallGreen, cool green wallpape

This one is a pretty much lighter, I prefer this one than another one. It suitable for some Linux distribution like Linux Mint I think 🙂 .

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