There Was a war

There was a war in my own body and soul.
Something I just can’t fight
or even handle it
But it’s true, I don’t wanting it
to stay over there

But who am I?
I’m just an ordinary man
who never can to lie to myself
that the feeling is strong
beating me
and don’t giving me a chance
to survive

Even I still looks so strong
Like a rock in the edge of the ocean
But now I’m weak

I can control my body,
I can leave you.
Trying not look at you
And telling my self ‘It was a fake’

But my heart was dare
and these ears was deaf
never see and listen
And even saying that you’re special
You’re too beautiful, to be the one I leave
My heart wanna be with you

I hate the fucking ordinary feeling. I don’t want to be like this. But I can’t!!