Ho ho ho, I coming back. After so long I haven’t touch my keyboard to make a post. Today I deciding to make a new one. And It is written in English like this blog earliest posts. I really miss a kind of post like this even I feel so difficult to write like this again. But I will try. And this post will not become one hard thing to read for you, I just wanna write about some headers that I had used to this blog. Here are them, the best I ever had ( ups, it’s hear like Vertical Horizon’s Song title) but no matter.

OK started for the latest header I use, I don’t know by what name I should call it, but this one is nice. A nice blog header with and glass and transparent effect. Beside that things there also a mirror effect in some part of this header. I make this header with a blue as the main color to match it with this blog theme color, yes blue too.

k2 blog header with glass effect

The next was my header i used for Cutline blog themes it’s main color is green so nice with leaf effect and make me really powered because of the color. Green was Rocks me. I like the effect, it looks so nice.

Cutline blog header with nice leaf effect

The last in this post have same main color with the header before, green. I made this one when I was feeling so addicted with the green for a Saphire blog themes. I feel that I could not avoid from this color at that time, so that all blogging accessories such as banner and header also made by a green as the main color. Yeah, they’re so nice, really nice until this time. Something I really love from this header is the 3D effect that you can see from some line stripes that across almost all of the header face.

Green Shapire wordpress blog header

I’m so sorry if there were watermarks in all of that header, so that may be if you’re interested to use it you could not use it. But if you wanting them you can request the PSD file to me, (it’s looks like I lost some of them 😦 )

12 tanggapan untuk “Cool Headers I Ever Had

  1. bingung. BTW awak udah balik ngeblog lagi, awak udah meng-online lagi…. Kuakakakakakaka

    Saya selalu online mas cuman untuk akhir-akhir ini berhubung lebih sering di warnet jadi agak jarang aja intensitasnya πŸ˜€

  2. wah keren 2h headerx mas buatin cth header donk.. lagi dapat tugas buat web nih.. kehabisan ide.. q ambl tema d bdg jasa travel. q pgn headerx warna orange,biru ato item.. tolong ya mas .. tar bs d kirimke emailq/q buka lgsg d upload d blogx mas sini.. bs hub q di YM kambing_ayam4ever.. thx mass =)

    Ukurannya gimana ?

  3. wah gambarq kok kayak monster kelaparan gt=(

    Itu karena kamu nggak punya blog di WordPress, ato kamu nggak login (kalo punya) aku pake yang kayak gitu buat orang ‘misterius’ karena pilihan yang lain gak bagus2 amat πŸ˜€

    1. OK Brother its no matter. But i Think not so good at that position. U don’t using it to cover all of your header. But thanks to tell me. At least I know that they’re useful.

    1. Um, sorry.
      Looks like the .psd files of images above is on the other PC that the disk is damaged several months ago 😦 . And more sorry for reply your comment hust now, because I have not open this blog for weeks 😦

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