May be there’s someone of you that ever think ” Metamorfosis, Why ? ” “Is there something that I hide behind it ?” Although may be most of you will say ” No matter what, I don’t care, It’s his own right ” Yeah that’s right, true and real. But, wrong I if I try to share about that ? Not so wrong, and it isn’t a mistake I think. So, here I will force you to take care about that.

First, at the beginning of this blog, I was really upset with my condition. I was failing to pass that exam, and become a loser. I feel that there are somethings that not just for me. Cause I know that I was not being a stupid person since I born until today. And even I sometimes become my friends helper to solve their trouble at the test, yeah at the time of test not just at the day of test, to help them learn about all they have to master. But to help them to answer the questions. But the fact, I was left, become a loser and just can see some of them seems feel really happy.

So, at the day I feel that something easy is looks like to be not easy to me. I don’t know who have to blamed. But I think that there was something / someone make it hard. So, In my head and in my hearth I wanna say that I just wanna learn all the things in a simple way a very easy way to be understood. At all. I don’t want learn anythings in a way that make someone crashed, fall. And learnsimply is come out.

And why Metamorfosis ? It’s one of may pray, may hope and something I really want to be happened. As you know that Metamorfosis is a process of some animal to get their perfect form, to be something more usefull and powerfull. So, I hope so, that my life will be increase and increase to get something more. To be better. I hope there will be changes in my life. By learning all as far as I can.

To all just walk in your way, never give up, keep on spirit and just learn all the things in your simple way. Never feel that we are a loser, we are a winner forever. Enjoy this life, don’t get mad. There still better day tomorrow. I think thats all thanks for all of your time spent to read this.


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