Caution: Prepare Aspirin as much as you can before read this, because this post is not good and easy reading enough post. You will get some trouble to understand what I mean until you get headache.

I am. Today, just be a man that try to think about this life. Try to understand what went some days ago. Try to discover all sense, remind all the things ever happened to me. Remaining all sadness and happiness. See all, to prepare the next day.


And, damn my sight is turned into the time several months ago. When I get a new friend at the fighting ring. Fight with him to make our rider get proud in their hearth. Be glad to see their achievement that seen by our ability. On that time, I never think to make all rival to be my friends, as someone I know. Someone who become place to share, someone to devide all thinks in my mind. I, just want to be the best, without know them. It was great mistake, because I know today that rival in the ring is not need to be rival too in the real life. Friends is needed, at all the things, forever.


Next my mind bring me to see myself to the day I try to get the scholarship. There are many trouble, but I can pass all. I can follow it. I even ever think that It’s not my right to get it so that trouble is always come, and come again. I almost give up, but Allah help me to face it. I really thanks to Allah, that time, yeah just that time. After that I forget all the things ever given. Allah was just become the story. Huh, I feel sad to see myself on that day. I see all I did on that time is not good reward to all He ever gave.


Next I see I cried to him, looks so sad, because I fail to continue my study at the scholarship. I see that it is something that not really good to do that time. I become ashamed to remember it. After forgetting him, I cry to request his help. Huh.., people, never remember him when happy, and than cry when get mad.

Oh my God give me your clue and show me way to be the best and always remember you. Forgive me by all of my sin. Keep me to be in your way.

11 tanggapan untuk “Here, I’m Today

  1. I can’t looking for aspirin. There’s only Neuralgin, is it okay if I consume it? πŸ˜€ Just try to approach Him at the last 1/3 night.
    “Karna hidup harus beruputar, biarlah berputar…”
    “Akan ada harapan, sekali lagi seperti dulu, sekali lagi, seperti dulu, sekali lagi…” (Sheila on 7)

    @ rendra
    Up to you what you want to consume,

  2. Wew… good job πŸ™‚ Keep trying Bro πŸ˜€ hehehehhe
    nb: Asking permission to put your blog in my Blogroll πŸ™‚ Thanks

    @ wiku
    Permission is always opened for all friends. I’ll put yours too. Thanks.

  3. wohooooooo.. nice english blog dude ^ ^ some grammatical error, but heh, who cares?? its not like everyone else never made a mistake.. or at least you are one step higher than most of indo blogger ^ ^, be proud that u just wrote in english ^ ^. Keep trying bro, you rockzz :D..
    umm good friends are always happy when u r happy ^ ^, but they don’t have to make you laugh when you cry.. at least they will cry with you :). God bless you πŸ˜€

    @ mcsandy
    Thanks for coming here

  4. nice posting anas. it reminds me of my failure to get scholarship. it sucks….but life must go on. just never give up!

    @ cK
    Yeah turn back and remind our life sometime is needed what ever that happen, just go on.

  5. Amen. I was about to apply for a master scholarship seven years ago. But, my mother told me to look for a job. I took my mother’s words.

    @ Kang Kombor
    All they say are the best. Follow what they said. Make them proud and always respect them. It’s all i want.

  6. Beh… mantep! Malu aku gak isa nulis bahasa Londo Inggris. But, I’m understand what you want to say :D.

    Ini cerita soal TKJ kan mas? Tabah aja yach. Aku percaya sampeyan bisa dapat yang lebih baik kok. Setiap kejadian yang ada di hidup pasti ada hikmahnya. Mungkin mas belum mendapatnya saat ini, but maybe someday… you’ll.

    Jangan lupa aja ya sama Yang di Atas πŸ™‚

    – remind me! –

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