Before open my blog this morning I’ve make a plan to publish post below, but after listen all of yuor comment, I think I don’t need to take that choice. Here is the post I want to publish:

Every One Have A Choice

Last night, I saw a film that we are discuss about everyday, yap, Speedy. I watch it for the first time. Did you know what series of Speedy I watched? I watched the second, Speedy part 2. Don’t laugh please. I know that may be I very late to see it. But it is no problem because something I see from that film is not only the story. I think too bad for us to see it just about the story there are some others thing that can be useful for us that we can get from the film.

Just see there are many wise words in the dialog that we can apply to ourselves. So many things we can learn in a simply way are present in that film. One of the wise words that I always remember is a dialog of Pete and the doctor that examine him. The doctor said “Every one have a choice “. After listen and think about that I think about what I’ve done in this blogging world. I remember about two blogs I have that sometimes make me confuse, like what Pete feel. So that after think about it too he takes one choice he stopping become a Spiderman. Because he want be focus to his daily life, he want to be a normal person, not a super hero again.

I think that may be I like him too. When I’ve to manage two blog at the same time I feel that it is not comfortable, sometimes I feel that there is a heavy thing in my head. And after I think that “Every one have a choice “here, I take my choice to leave one of them. I leave my blog there, and I think that WordPress is a choice. I will be here as far as I can I will keep this one.

No matter what are things happen out of there, I’ll try to stand up here. With you Bloggers, all of my family in this cyber world. I just want to share all I know and get with you.

Now the choice is aborted to be released, yeah for now, I don’t know for tomorrow

2 tanggapan untuk “| The choice that never taken |

  1. just keep blogging, no matter what kind of blog hosting u choose..
    anyway, pertamaxx-kah?? 😀

    #mas junthit#
    Yeah,you’re right. and you’re PETROMAXX eh wrong pertamaxx

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