All new processors from AMD found on the stores nowadays are based on AMD’s Athlon 64 architecture, also known as x86-64 or “hammer”. In this tutorial we will list all Athlon 64, Athlon 64 FX and Athlon 64 X2 models released so far and the main differences between them.

These three CPUs plus Sempron are targeted to desktop PCs, with Sempron targeted to low-end computers, Athlon 64 targeted to mid-range computers and Athlon 64 FX and Athlon 64 X2 targeted to high-end computers. Athlon 64 X2 is the dual-core version of Athlon 64. There are three other CPUs based on Athlon 64’s architecture: Mobile Athlon 64 and Turion 64, which are targeted to mobile computers, and Opteron, which is targeted to servers.

The main feature of Athlon 64 architecture is the memory controller, which is embedded in the processor itself and not located on the chipset like all other CPUs.

Because of this architecture the communication between the CPU and the memory modules is done through a dedicated memory bus, while the communication between the CPU and the chipset uses a separated bus, HyperTransport (click here to read our tutorial on HyperTransport).

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  1. one month ago, i’ve tried (trying) that processor and use it to run vurtual box that running pclinux on windows xp that cool, it so fast, and rendering a dvd it fourth time faster than barton.
    sorry for my poor english

    @ kangguru
    Yeah it was AMD, better than What I use today I sure. I always dream when I can buy a laPtop like you I’ll choose the one which use AMD.
    Tanks for always visiting my blog.

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