Today I,ve try to learn about a new thing but I fail. I try to change my blog theme with some blog theme I ever download some day ago. There are three themes that downloaded but no one I can use. So I open that gives us some new knowledge about blogging especially in wordpress.

There’s a tutorial there,
I should use the FTP to upload the themes before I can use those theme. I follow that. I download the software first then I try to upload those theme. But when I try to upload the files there’s something trouble. I don’t know how to solve that. I come back to the web where I download the software, and I get the tutorial abuot uploading the files. I follow that and fail again. But I don’t care about that. I stopping to change my theme with that method. At least I change my blog theme head’s with blog head I ever download. Yeah just the head I can change.

Next I browse some other theme that I can use may be. There are some themes that I like but I don’t download them because I don’t want make myself crazy ( too high ) when I think about how to use them. The last I decide to change my theme with other theme that already exist in the blog themes preview. It’s not so bad. Just that I can do to take care about my bored heart. I feel boring because I want change my theme and I can’t today.

But I’m sure that I will be able to do that tomorrow. Just try a new things every day.

There’s always a new thing to learn in each day. Never give up. Keep learn together, keep on sharing about all.

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  1. maksudnya themes buat “blog gratisan” atau gimana ? memang bisa ya blog gratisan ganti themes dari luar ?

    salam kenal..
    * maap nggak pake enggris*

    No matter the most important is just share and spread our friendship.
    Bahasa Inggris Cuma sarana kok mas

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