Some day ago I decided to make a new blog in wordpress. Even I know that may be it is seems so fun that a new blogger create two blogs at the early time. By the way, do you know why I made a decision about that ? It was because my dream to get income from the Internet. But now I know that may be it is too far direction to be reached. I know that today I still learn in a simple way, yeah learnsimply. There just a little knowledge in my head, it is not good to make a new blog I know today.

My new blog is talking about phycics and chemical, why ? Because I know that they are the most lessons that student feel difficult to understand, they are complex. Like what I talk above, I want get income from Internet. I think there is possibility to the student to come to my blog, so many students I think. So that if I place an advertisemant ( working together with google or other ) I will get income. Dont’n smile please … . After making and editing that blog I feel ashamed to myself I talk to my self, can I give a good article , can I manage all about that. Not I think. You are taking a joke boys, yeah like that I talk to myself. You force two complex things in a small blog. In a blog with only 50 megabyte in storage. (Sorry wordpress I don’t mean to critic you it is big for a free service) .

It is Impossible boy !!!

By the way do you want to know about
my blog name ? Just come to ( before I frezee it ) ?

Satu tanggapan untuk “Two big in a little ??? ( The Impossible )

  1. I think it’s great idea if you can write a good article in physics and chemistry. so many student stuck in physics and chemistry. It can help the student to learn an easy way ( maybe ).

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