When I was born in about 19 years ago my parents give me name Ka**iy**o. May be almost all of persons around me will smile when they listen my name for the first. Yeah I know that it is not a good enough name for a boy like me. They say that my name contain a name of girl and boy on the end. But I don’t care about that.

But today after I know that my prophert Muhammad SAW ever said that one of parents responsibility is giving a good name for their childrends there’s a little feel that blame my parents. But I keep on try to enjoy that. Now I prefer to use another name, as a moslem I choose to use name that some of Muhammad family or Muhammad friend ever use. Today on my own blog i use abuanas as my name. I feel so proud for that.

6 tanggapan untuk “The real of me

  1. “abuanas” , why did you use it ?

    @ junthit
    Just because i like it (may be). I feel that there’s no ‘apaan sih- kesombongan-inggrisnya’ in that name

  2. my name is chika. but it isn’t my real name wakakakakk…

    @ cK
    Ups, too many persons who wearing mask in this virtual world i think.

  3. however your name is, be proud of that. name is a gift from your parents. semangat nge blog!
    keep moving forward!


    Yup, just move
    Btw, I found this comment on the spam, almost lost from the list 😦
    do you often make a spam 😕 😆
    *ngaco, bercanda *

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