There is a different feel when I try to tell my parents that I don’t pass the exam today. But I just try as far as I can to speak well and clear. Slowly, sure I don’t wanna hurt them. I just want to become a good son for them. So I try to tell them the truth so that they don’t feeling so sad if they know about that one day.

I’m sure sadness today is better than sadness tomorrow. They think that I am a liar if I don’t tell them soon. I just wanna they know and give me a support for a new thing that good for me. I want they are pardon me soon.

One thing in my head on that time, I love my parents and don’t want hurt them.


3 tanggapan untuk “Me, in front of my parents.

  1. I’m sure sadness today is better than sadness tomorrow

    i agree with that, may be your parents will be hurt to knowing the truth, but it will be better if you told them sooner, i’m sure you parents will be respect for it..

    just do your best friend…

  2. The better is how we take an advantage of our sadness.
    Sadness is useless if we never learn from the thing that cause that sadness. We must use our sadness to motivate ourselves.

    @De King

    Agree tanks

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