May be we will feel so sad if we get a news that tell us something we don’t want. But we have to know that all the things that we want, all our plans are not always the best thing for us. When it happen, we feel that it is not just for us. Yeah, I thing all persons in this world like that (may be almost all /I know not all).


Why I say that they are feel like that ? Because I was face the same thing.

Here is my story :

Approximately 5 months ago I got a great chance to study in a favorite university in my hometown. At the first time I feel so glad and happy. I follow the lesson with a strong spirit. But after some weeks I got news from my friends that in every exam there will be an elimination our number, will be decreased and decreased in every semester. My spirit starts losing even just a little. It is go away from my soul.


In the learning proccess I still try to stand up firmly. I try to never give up. And the result of my daily lesson is not to bad I pass all the lessons. Even some part of my heart feel worry about what my friends said.


But in the final exam of that semester I get a very bad fact (may be). I fail in a lesson that can’t be saved by remidiation. It’s different with my friend that pass the exam, (acctualy some of them are not pass the exam too, but just in mathematic that can be saved by remidiation). And it is also different some of my friend in the same program but in a different college, there they can request remidation if they fail, but not for mine.


At the first I feel sad for that but after I think more than twice and I pray to my God I get a better feel. And now I can say that all God’s plan is best for us. May be something we hate is good for us and semothing we like is bad for us. We don’t knowabout that anymore. This life is just a process. Good or bad is dippend of our way to see the fact.


So, how do you see your fact friend ?

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